Ellen DeGeneres Pranking Michelle Obama At Her Book Signing Is TV Gold


When Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres get together just know it's going to be a good good time. 

Just after the release of her memoir, Becoming, on Tuesday (November 12), Michelle had an intimate book signing at Costco. However, the event turned into more of an Ellen and Michelle's book signing as the talk show host surprised the former first lady with a few of her hilarious high jinks. 

"Oh look, it’s the first time I’ve seen my book in a store!" Michelle excitedly said as she walked the shopping store's aisles alongside Ellen, heading to the signing. Once seated, Ellen kicked her pranks into high gear, and let's just say, fans were gifted with a book signing like they've never seen before.

After literally ripping pages out of Michelle's book, offering "free samples" to fans, and signing the former first lady's books for her, Ellen then began to shout through a megaphone (that seemingly came from nowhere): "What aisle is the foot fungus medicine on? Michelle is asking for foot fungus medicine." 

Ellen's pranks didn't end there, oh no, she was just getting started. Next up, she began to read romantic lines that were not in Michelle's book, but she pretended like they were. "For those of you that can't get here," she shouted into the megaphone for the crowd to hear. "He took her by the waist and pulled her flesh...There's only one thing this woman needs," she read before Michelle pulled the book from her and said, "that's not my book... What book was that?"

Some more highlights from the signing included, Ellen sniffing markers telling Michelle, "When they go low, we get high." She also tried multiple times distracting Mrs. Obama as she tried to spell out her fans' names while signing the books. And we can't forget to mention the fact that Ellen rolled out a whole keyboard for the two to play on in the middle of the signing. Talk about a good time!

To see the full Ellen + Michelle book signing, click the video above! 

Photo: Getty Images


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