Why We Strut

Did you know that African American women have a 41% higher death rate from breast cancer than white women? And are more likely to be diagnosed before age 40? That needs to change! Get involved with the Cracker Barrel Sista Strut and make a difference!

The goal of Sista Strut is to heighten awareness about the issues of breast cancer in women of color, as well as provide information on community resources. Sista Strut recognizes the strength of survivors, their family and friends, heightens awareness, promotes early detection and the search for a cure.

Did you know African American women are more likely to get breast cancer at a younger age than other races?Did you know African American women are more likely to die of breast cancer than other races? Did you know African American women are 3 times more likely than white women to be diagnosed with Triple-negative breast cancer? Triple-negative breast cancer most commonly effects African American women, followed by Hispanic women.(Source: www.breastcancer.org)

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