3 Buzz-worthy Shows You May Want To Hop On The Bandwagon With

People LOVE getting into the fun/buzz-worthy shows of the season, so I wanted to give a little breakdown of the ones that people are freaking for right now...


1. Dirty JohnThis started off as a true story from Newport Beach, California (which is the craziest part). Basically, a psycho man convinces a women to marry him and he is legit CRAY!

But, it started off as a podcast that people were WAY into and then Bravo made it into a TV show! Landing Bravo their FIRST Golden Globe nomination ever! 

This show is majorly buzzy and comes highly recommended. 


2. YOU This is another crazy show that will leave you PARANOID. Seriously, did you catch my Instagram story? I had to wait and watch this show during the day. 

Anyways, it's about a guy who comes off sweet and innocent, but he's a stalker/muderer/psychopath. If you watch Dirty John and You back to back you WILL become massively paranoid about strangers in your life - just a friendly warning!  


3. Tidying Up with Marie - This is Patty's latest obsession. I personally couldn't get into it. But, it's a reality show on Netflix and Marie comes into people's homes and helps them get rid of clutter. It's almost like a spin off the HGTV Property Brothers, in a different way. Give it a try, everyone is now cleaning out their entire homes based on the "Konmari method."

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