60 Rare Historical Photos That You Probably Haven't Seen Before

Information & photos in this article sourced to History Daily 

We got a gallery potpourri for you. Yes, all in one photo gallery, we got Clint Eastwood skateboarding the streets of Rome. I'm not kidding. We also got a 1950s guide on how to use the telephone. Seriously, kids had to be informed on how to use this device back in old-timey days. We also got Elvis Presley as a toddler (Baby King), World War II homing pigeons, and a walking library. So close your eyes, then open them again  - and get ready to be visually thrilled. We got 60 outstanding photos that will leave you wanting more. 

A picnic at the California Alligator Farm in the 1920s, located in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles between 1907 and 1953. The farm had 20 ponds for the trained alligators where patrons could mingle freely with them.

Do you know what Los Angeles needed in the 1920s? More alligators. Believe it or not, a major city tourist attraction in La-La land between 1907 to 1953 was The Los Angeles Alligator Farm. It was later rebranded to be known as the California Alligator Farm. And this is where tourist could frolic among "trained" alligators. The California Alligator Farm was an unregulated park where kids could play among alligators without those bothersome fences and gates. This tourist enclave had 20 ponds for alligators - who would also perform daily to large crowds. Visitors were told not to "throw stones at the alligators, spit on, punch or molest them in any way."

A vision of the future from a German magazine, was painted in 1930.

Source: Reddit

Oh my god! These German's of the 1930s future predicted that they would have smart phones and Face Time! Germans always had a interesting view of the future. Who could forget the 1927 movie, Metropolis? Directed by Fritz Lang, the German sci-fi movie is  regarded as a pioneering film of the genre. Much like predicting our current climate, Metropolis is set in a dystopian future - where the wealthy control the masses. And do you know what happens? The workers unit and overthrow the evil wealthy class who live in the city above. Look out! 

WWII plane washed up on a beach in Wales after 65 years- An American Lockheed P-38 "Lightning" fighter plane emerged from the surf and sand on a Welsh beach in 2007 with its distinctive twin-boom design.

Source: Reddit

It took 65 years after it crash landed on a beach in Wales, for an American P-38 fighter plane to emerge in 2007 from the watery sand where it was once buried. The fighter jet remained hidden under the the sands and waves since it crashed in 1942 off the coast of Wales. Known as the Maid of Harlech has been described as one of the most important WWII finds in recent history. The fighter jet crashed on the Gwynedd coast when the engines cut out while taking part in training exercises. The good news was pilot Lt Robert Elliott walked away from the crash without a scratch. The bad new was, he went missing in action just three months later serving in the American's Tunisia campaign in North Africa.

A model during a photo shoot distracted by the first plane hitting the twin towers.

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September 11th, 2001 started out like an ordinary day in New York City. If you were a tourist, you were probably snapping photos of the city's favorite landmarks; including the Twin Towers. Then, that morning, came a series of  coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group against the United States. The attacks killed 2,996 people and injured over 6,000 others - causing over $10 billion in in damage. If you were working as a model, doing a shoot that morning, there was no way you could fathom that a commercial airliner would go crashing into the Twin Towers. 

The cost of living in 1938.

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You could really get by in old-timey days if you were paying in 2019 money. For example, how much would we all love to pay $27 a month in rent? I know I would. It would give me extra money to spend on my 27 cent movie ticket. Sure, this all took place during the middle of the Great Depression, when prices were low. But still it makes you image a world where you could get a Harvard education for $420 a year.  In 1938, a recession hit that caused unemployment to rise to 19% while minimum wage was at 25 cents an hour. If you look at the list, you were almost being paid one egg per hour of work.